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About Us

The year 1999. The idea of ​​designing T-shirts for tourists and promoting Slovenia came to life. Two initiators and many freelance designers for one project. Successful. Soon the interest in our design services increased, new projects came, mainly from the direction of graphic design. New projects required a more "serious" approach to work, so in 2002 we opened the company, which is occupied by clients. The graphic design branch has made new friends: advertising, industrial design, photography, website design, versatile marketing material… Of course with the support of new members of our team. We were increasingly attracted to television and filming TV commercials. The first one, in a more amateur phase, was brought under the roof in 2003. This was followed by coffees, conversations, collaborations with the best and a “deeper” acquaintance with the production. The work of the studio was in full swing. And what is different now, after twenty years? We have much more experience and knowledge, we have also expanded our work to the field of PR and event organization. The portfolio is becoming increasingly extensive. And the nicest compliment we’ve received over the years? "You're one of the few agencies that hasn't lost its romance in this business." The diversity of our portfolio is co-created by our clients. Our advantage is in flexibility, curiosity, and above all in the possibility of accepting various profiles represented by clients. We are brave enough to take on the challenge and get involved in a completely new thematic environment for us. We are distinguished by the ability to empathize and the desire to get to know the client well. We strive to establish a friendly and correct relationship on which we build mutual trust. Quality products and services, assuming such an attitude, must not and cannot be absent.

Our clients (current and past)

Make-Up Designory USA, Ilirija d.d., HiPP,  Mestno Gledališče Ljubljansko – MGL, Hotel Majerca, iStor, FlipIT, Atlantic grupa, Košarkarska zveza Slovenije, Keune Haircosmetics, Vrtec Peter Pan, vrtec Hansa Christiana Andersena, Nil skupina, Berlin Chemie, Diners, Borzen, Simobil, Lesnina, Toyota, Zlatarna Celje, Akson, Frka, Gerard, GlaxoSmithKline, Hiša Zdravja, Imelda, Labod, Mehano, Menart, Modna, Gloss, Ekspres, NTF, Vrtec Peter Pan, Vrtec Mali Princ, Osnovna šola Prežihov Voranc, Rima, Target, Termotop, The North Face, Vzajemna, Weber, ZNS, BenyTrade, Bimedia, Buisiness Center, Cubo, LGB, Iona-M, Soltech, SAOP...

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Singular Sudio

Rimska cesta 13,

1000 Ljubljana, SLO

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